Changing the Trends of Textile Innovations

PAKISTAN FIBRES The Most Rapidly Emerging Textile Group

Wadding Plant

We manufacture the finest quality of wadding sheets. Provide us your specs to fill the wadding in made-ups or get vacuumed wadding sheet rolls.



Stitching Hub

Our well equipped machines and highly Professional and experienced stitching team is ready to make any design of textile made-ups items.

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Fibre Processing Unit

We process the best quality of Korean, Chinese or American made HCS Polyester Staple Fibre to make the highly bouncy balls Fibre for your made-ups.


Quilting Unit

The computerized Delta quilting machines using cotton thread ready to make numberless designs of your choice on bedding, quilts comforters and other made-ups.

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A letter from the CEO

In last year we expanded our manufacturing setup and made it well equipped to capture the local and parts of global markets. In 2018 our target is to capture mega global market to provide our TOP-NOTCH quality made-ups & Fibres and make our company count in the top names of Global Textiles Industry. By the end of the year we’ll enhance our manufacturing setup in China and will open our distribution centers in Gulf, Europe and Asian markets to facilitate the buying of our global customers. Our focus is always to provide the best quality to our customers and assist them on end level satisfaction. We manufacture exactly according to the customer’s demand where our policy is to we have the zero tolerance to differ from customer’s specs.

Our Products

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We manufacture and supply any quality, shape and type of Made-Ups product. Just let us know your desire for any product related Made-Ups.

Yarns & Fibres

A huge variety in Polyester Fibre is available. Contact us for any query regarding any Fibre product or Yarns.

Leather Products

From Leather Sheets to Leather Manufactured Products. Order us for your demand to get the leather products in your hands.


Let us know your fabric construction or consult us for any Fabric Variety. Get the fabric rates and delivery just within the blink of your eye.