Canvas Fabric

Very Thick Very Strong

Canvas Fabric by Pakistan Fibres is a very hard plain woven fabric which is used to make tents, sails, backpacks, marquees and other objects for which hardiness is needed. It is also for painting purposes (stretched across a wooden box) or for making flexes. It can also be used to make fashion objects like electronic device cases, fashion handbags and shoes.

Characteristics of Canvas:

Canvas is normally made with cotton fabric or linen. It is different from denim which is also a type of heavy cotton fabric. At Pakistan Fibres all high quality Canvas is available. We deal in both types of canvas i.e. plain and duck. The difference between duck and plain canvas is that the threads in duck canvas are more tightly woven as compared to plain canvas. Pakistan Fibres not only deals in raw canvas but we also made high quality canvas finished products. The finishing of those products also meets the international standards.

Coated Canvas Fabric

These types of canvases are available at Pakistan Fibres:

• Dyed canvas
• Printed canvas
• Water-resistant canvas
• Fire-proof canvas
• Stripe canvas
• Waxed canvas
• Waterproof canvas

In the above forms of coated canvas fabric we can apply multiple coatings on the single fabric sheet together our customers require. We can manufacture any quality of cotton canvas fabric and duck fabric from 7 oz to 24 Oz. Also the coating like fireproof, waterproof and mildew which strengths the like durability and quality of canvas fabric for different usages. The fabric is made in 36″ to 75″ of width or as the customer require.

Our Canvas Usages:

Canvas bags, Coated Canvas bags (like Goyard) Wood (Cedar) Canvas canoes, Canvas covers, Canvas tarpaulins, Canvas tent Martial arts uniforms and Canvas shoes are the products of Pakistan Fibres.