Healthcare Textiles

Especially Designed Medicated Textile Items

Pakistan Fibres proud to introduce the healthcare textiles for the hospitals and other healthcare institutions. Our products are highly specialized keeping in mind the needs and desires of the patients, doctors and other care takers workers in these great purpose organizations. The major features of Healthcare Textile are beauty, time saving and medicated with the product range as follows:

Health Care Textiles Products:

  • Disposable Non-Woven Fitted Sheets
  • Back Pain Relief Cushions
  • Hospital Bed Cushions
  • Hospital Bed Pillows
  • Patient Gowns of ICU, X-Ray, IV Gowns
  • Scrub Suits (Top & Bottom)
  • Uniforms of Doctors & Nurses
  • Lab Coats
  • Woven & Knitted Bedlinens

All the above items are available in different designs, prices, sizes and other numberless characteristics as per the customer’s demand.