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Pakistan Fibres manufactures different variety of towels. We use high twists in towel yarn to make them richer in quality, softness and absorption. Following are the major qualities of Towel we make:

TowelsCombed Yarn Towel:

The thread of comb is made by combining the cotton material to keep the longer fibres of cotton. This is the richest quality of towel with 500 to 1200 twists, combed yarn, 100% cotton of finest quality with excellent quality of dyed yarn. These are available from 100-1200 GSM having the sizes as our customer requires.

Ring Yarn Towel:

The ring yarn is used in these towels. These fine quality towels are made from 200-1200. GSM in the different sizes, colors and designs.

Open End Yarn Towel:

These towels are made from open end yarn which are the cheapest in prices. These towels are a bit rougher compa
ring the other qualities of towels.

Acrylic Yarn Towels:

The cralic material of yarn is used in these towels. This type of towels has a highly fancy and silky look but comparing others these towels has the lesser absorption capacity.


Fancy Towels

Fancy Towels:

Pakistan Fibres also make numerous designs in Fancy towels having different shapes, variety of beautiful embroidery work, printed designs which are having classical touch and feel.  Also we manufacture the laser engraved deigns for the towels which gives the luxuries beauty to the towels with the touch of some embroidery works. Also we can manufacture the towels in stripes in different colors and widths as our customer require.


All the above types of towels are available in different colors, sizes, GSM and designs. The most common styles of towel we produce are hand towel, kitchen towel, face towels, bath towel, terry towel, Matt Towel, bathrobe, towel shoes and sports towels. Also you can get the embroidery of company logos and other designs. We normally manufacture the 20/2 and 16/1 yarn quality in towels.