Canvas Bag

The new trend of shopping

A canvas bag is the new trend of the changing world.

Why Canvas Bags

Canvas Bag by Pakistan Fibres

Canvas Bag by Pakistan Fibres

The world is facing the problems of environmental, waste management and cleanliness. In this era of changing times the plastic bags are becoming the big hassle for the citizens and governments of all the countries on the entire earth. These cannot be easily disposed in the waste as even if we burn these bags; a big problem of smoke and pollution arise. To get rid of this big world over issue; some governments and mega store chain giants have suggested the canvas bags as the alternative.

Canvas Bag Fabric

There are different types of fabrics used in the canvas bags the first and the foremost important property of the Canvas Fabric is its yarn. The first thing in the yarn is PC blend (the ratio of cotton and polyester). We can provide different blends of yarn as per customer requirements from cotton to the 100% 35% cotton against the polyester cotton 

Secondly; the type of spinning which includes the ring yarn, autocoro yarn or the open end yarn. Then there are different types of weaves when it is made in the specific type of loom like air-jet or power loom. There are read picks and Trends Per Inch by using the different counts of yarn. For the heavy fabric there is a need of twisting and weaving in double pick. There is also a finer quality of weaving called; the convention weave which make the canvas bag look like a master piece. All these things combining make a canvas bag fabric which is in the raw form.

Canvas Bag Colors and Printing

Different customers require the different types of colors in the canvas fabrics. We provide all sorts of colors in the canvas bags which are made by the fabric dyeing. We can provide the qualities in the dyeing like the normal canvas dyeing or VAT dyeing. The most famous color in the canvas bags is dark blue. We also provide the brand name and printed designing on the canvas bags. The printing is mostly done by the table printing or the pressed sticker on the bag’s fabric on the required position.

We can also provide you canvas yarn, canvas fabric raw/finished fabric or the complete canvas bag exactly as per your requirements.

Canvas Coatings

As our customers require we provide them the different types of coatings like the Pest control, fireproof, waterproof, and anti-fungus or mildew coatings. These coatings provide the specified required protection to the canvas bag’s fabric. For coatings details please check our main article of Canvas Drop Cloth.

Stitching and Sizes

Customers of Pakistan Fibres require the different types of stitching like simple bag, gadget bags, different types & lengths of handles and two or multiple colors patch designs. Our stitching and designing is done in the best of the quality to make the master class bag. We make all sizes of bags from the small hand carry bag to the mega shopping mart bag.

All the above characteristics are combined to make one type of canvas bag. We can provide anything in these new best trending bags which is one big step against the global pollution. Canvas bag is introducing the best fashion in the shopping ever.


Our all the manufactured bags are environmental friendly and biodegradable which means these are easy to dispose off and deposing these bags will have no effect on the environment. The bags manufactured with the 100% Cotton are 100% biodegradable.     

Some Famous Canvas Bags

Laundry bags are the one which are used in hotels where the guests collect all their laundry in that particular bag provided by the hotel for the guest laundry collection. These are also kept in homes and apartments for the same purpose to give laundry to the professional laundry they have hired. Tote Bags are used for keeping and carrying different things domestically and commercially for storage and traveling. Shopping bags of regular fabric and canvas is the new trend in the world especially in Europe. These are used instead of the plastic bags for storage and carry.           

Canvas Bag Prices

Our prices are highly moderate comparing the international markets and our quality is the best in the given properties of the canvas bag fabric and its making. Contact us today to get the best prices and earn the first mover advantage in your region for the high business profits. You will find us your best supplier partner in your canvas bag business.