Canvas Fabric

Very Thick Very Strong

Canvas Fabric by Pakistan Fibres is a very strong plain woven fabric which is used to make tents, sails, backpacks, marquees, camps, tipis and other objects where a strong & thick fabric is required. It is also used for painting purposes (stretched across a wooden box) or for making flexes. It can also be used to make fashion objects like cases for electronic device , fashion handbags and shoes. We provide the canvas fabric in the long lasting colors which has a classy look. Our made canvas is very strong to resist in different atmospheres like; extra heat, damp, extremely cold or rainy season.

Characteristics of Canvas:

Our canvas is normally made with cotton or poly cotton yarn. We manufacture different types of canvas like open-end canvas, high quality cotton/poly-cotton canvas and convention canvas. Also we provide the canvas which is dyed from fine to great quality. Pakistan Fibres not only deals in raw canvas but we also manufactures the high quality canvas finished products. The finishing of those products also meets the international standards.

Coated Canvas Fabric

The types of Coated Canvas Fabrics  we produce are as follows:

• Dyed canvas

The dyeing of canvas varies from the good to the great colors. We normally use two types of dyeing vat dyeing and pigment dyeing. VAT dyeing is an excellent quality canvas dyeing. The Pigment dyeing produce great results in looks and color durability of canvas fabric.

• Printed Canvas

On the demand of customers we also produce the printed canvas having the colors, design and canvas fabric quality of customer’s choice. We can provide the digital printing on the canvas fabric to make the master class canvas products.

• Water-Resistant Canvas

Water-resistant canvas is like the wax coating on the canvas. The wax coating is not extremely durable and colors on the canvas also not very durable on the wax coating. Also there are other types of waterproofing we provide.

• Fire-Retardant Canvas

Our fire-retardant canvas is the one which doesn’t pick the fire flame immediate and resists against the fire for a while for the safety of products or people being protected by the canvas product.

• Fireproof Canvas

Fireproof coated canvas fabric just doesn’t pick the fire flame at all. This quoting is protects against the heavy fire flames for a long duration. This quoting is expensive comparing the fire retardant quoting.

•Pest Protection Canvas Coating:

Against this quoting pest and numberless types of germs just cannot catch the canvas fabric and the people in the canvas camps remain safe from the Pests. Small insects just cannot maneuver on the Pest Protection coated canvas.

Mildew Canvas Coating:

Mildew coating protects against the fungus and the related things and keep the Canvas mildew free for a long duration of time. In this way the damp surface and humid environment just can’t inject the mildew on the canvas camps or tipis.

• Waxed Coated Canvas

Wax coating apply a coating of wax on the canvas which makes it shining, smooth and slippery. Wax coating use mainly used for the purpose of waterproofing.

• Waterproof Canvas

The main purpose for the canvas fabric is monthly the water proof sheet which protects the people or products secured by the canvas fabric. Our waterproofed canvas coating just doesn’t let a single drop leak from the canvas for a long duration. It protects against the rain or other water falling on the canvas fabric.

Multiple Canvas Coatings

In the above forms of coated canvas fabric we can apply multiple coatings on the single fabric sheet together as our customers require. We can manufacture any quality of cotton canvas fabric and duck fabric from 7 oz to 36 Oz. Also the coating like fireproof, waterproof and mildew which strengths the like durability and quality of canvas fabric for different usages. The fabric is made in 36″ to 75″ of width or as the customer require.

Our Canvas Usages:

Canvas bags, Coated Canvas bags (like Goyard) Wood (Cedar) Canvas canoes, Canvas covers, Canvas tarpaulins, Canvas tent, Uniform Canvas Aprons, Canvas Tipis, Drop Cloth, Martial arts uniforms and Canvas shoes are the products of Pakistan Fibres.