Canvas Drop Cloth

Canvas Fabric or Canvas Drop Cloth Exactly As You Require

Canvas Fabric


We are expert in manufacturing the carpet canvas drop cloth. We manufacture it in different qualities as our customers desire. It is made from 250 to 500 GSM mostly. We can make this canvas fabric in different yarns qualities but mostly our customers demand it in either autocoro yarn or the open end yarn. Rarely people also require in Ring Spun Yarn. We can also provide the waterproof Canvas drop Cloth for carpets. On the customer’s demand we can also make it fireproof. 

Our made canvas drop cloth is weaved on the shutter-less or the air-jet looms where the cost of the fabric varies on the following different factors which add the different characteristics to the fabric quality:


Canvas Yarn:

Firstly customer has to select the type yarn used from its Ratio of Polyester and cotton to tyoe of manufacturing like open-end, autocoro, ring spun, combed… 

Canvas Weave:

Weaving of canvas varies from the type of loom used to the type of weave like; power loom, shutter-less/soozer loom or the air-jet loom. Then there is plain weave of one by one and then double pick weave and one by one or one by three weave (duck canvas). The lighter and stronger weave is one by one plain weave whereas heavier weave is convention weave with the beautiful texture and great strength. 

Canvas Proofing:

The most common proofing on canvas drop cloth is waterproof coating. There are generally 3 levels of waterproofing the temporary waterproof, nominal waterproof and high pressure permanent waterproof. The most used waterproofing is temporary for the canvas drop cloth. Some drop off canvas require fireproof coating. 

Canvas Width:

There are number of different canvas widths used round the world. These vary from 30 inches to 110 inches of canvas drop cloth or fabric. Every inch of the canvas fabric varies the cost and ultimately the price of the canvas drop fabric. Also we can provide cuttings as required by the customers. 

Canvas Dyeing:

We can provide different colors of customer choice in the canvas drop fabric. The quality of colors vary from the nominal quality colors to the reactive colors to the fabric. Also we can apply different types f canvas finishes to make the fabric like it is weaved or make it look like a heavier canvas fabric by filling all the pin holes and give it a look of a very strong fabric.  

By compiling all the above characteristics one variety of canvas drop fabric is made. Customers can not only tell the characteristic of the fabric required but they can also consult us considering their budget and quality require also they can send us the sample swatch of which we can provide the analysis lab results and make it exactly like the sample or as the changes required by our worldwide customers.

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