Duvet Set

When Luxury and Comfort Come Together

Modern & Luxury Quilt Sets:

When it come the matter of the modern and most innovative duvet sets; Pakistan Fibre manufactures the world’s most astonishing designs. Duvet sets are also known comforter set or quilt set alternatively. We manufacture in all the world’s standard sizes for the world’s most stunning and one of the most difficult to manufacture designs of quilt sets. Some general styles of designs we make are:

Plain Work:Grey Quilt Set

The quilt cover, pillow covers, different types cushion covers are made in plain dyed designs in which sometimes curves are given in the pillows and cushion covers and a fancy bed throw is sometimes used to give a touch of luxury look. Mostly high threads quality of fabric is used in this.




321Patch Work:

Patches of different color combinations and sometimes shining fabric is used to add a showbiz touch in the quilt set. Some artificial gems and diamonds are also used in this sort of comforter set patching in the euro pillows and cushions in the duvet set.




350Silk Patching Work:

We manufacture the quilt sets with the polyester silk patches and making some exceptional combination of colors and designs in the quilt set.





357Silk wrinkles Work:

The designs are made by silk wrinkles patches from the narrow wrinkles to the wide wrinkles which give the quilt set a stunning look. These patches are jointed in the quilt cover, pillow covers and, euro pillow covers, neck rolls and other different sizes & designs of cushions. We have a very specialized labor and machinery to do this most technical work in textile made-ups work.




quilt cover set PlatesSilk Plates Work:

These polyester silk plates work is done with the specialized stitching machines of adding plates in the silk one after another in an absolutely smooth and straight. These silk plate patches are also added in the other pieces of quilt sets to make an exceptional combination of driftnet pieces of quilt set or comforter set.





Smook WorkSilk Smoke Work:

This is one of the world’s most difficult silk patch work in which silk is designed to give a look of highly synchronized assembled and embossed designing. These patches are also jointed in the quilt set, bed throw and other pieces to give astonishing look to the comforter sets.



Daimond WorkDiamond or Box Work:

This is a highly specialized technique in which diagonal or straight boxes designs are made in the quilt upper fabric, other pieces of quilt set. The sizes of boxes vary between 3 to 10 inches.




Long Wrinkle WorkLong Wrinkles Work:

In this design the 5 to 10 rows of highly synchronized rows are added in a quilt cover which makes the simple dyed fabric look like an incredible piece of art work. The design is made both in vertical and horizontal lines in quilt cover and other bed accessories.





Our Duvet Sets:

All the above designs are made according tot he demand of our customer which includes the selection of designing, color of fabric, quality of fabric and number of pieces to be included in a duvet set or quilt set or comforter set.