Dyed Fabric

Adding colours to fabric


We provide all types of dyed fabrics with the long lasting colors. The variety includes the cotton fabrics, poly cotton fabric and range of different dyed fabrics as per the customer’s demand.

Dyed Fabric Processing:

Pakistan Fibres add colors to fabric and yarn by dyeing process on our world-class rotary machines. Dyeing in Pakistan Fibres rotary machines is usually done in a solution containing brilliant dyes color and best suitable chemical materials. The time and temperature controlling is done by the expert dyeing masters of our company.
Wool, silk and nylon are dyed with acid dyes, and polyester is dyed with disperse colors. Cotton Fabric is dyed with a range of dyes, including vat dyes, direct dyes and modern chemicals.

Pakistan Fibres use modern techniques for dying the fabric and yarns. High quality colors and dyed acids are used. The quality of yarn or fabric is also depends on the finishing of the products our finishing process is also very good which enhance the quality of the products. We provide soft to hard finish in dying. Also we can add different intensity shine or dullness to the fabric as our customer require.