Variety In The Fabric Never Ends

From the decades of experience Pakistan Fibres has been dealing in the variety of different fabrics. We have the command to make any construction of Fabric from the thread manufacturing to the finishing applied to it. We deal in all the raw, semi-finished to the finished forms of the cloth. We manufacture and guide our customers on the construction of each characteristic of the fabric. We manufacture just according to our customer demands. Also we provide the finished product of fabric subject to the availability in the stock. The major and general areas of the fabric in which Pakistan Fibres has dealt in are as follows:

  • Gray 
  • Dyed
  • Printed
  • Silk
  • Lining Fabric
  • Canvas
  • Ladies & Gents Suiting Fabric
  • Jacquard
  • Stripes


Fabric Weave:

We provide fabric in all the weaves of percale, satin, twill, jacquard or any other type of weave. The best of the weave is done in high strength to make the fabric durable and long lasting.

Fabric Threads and Yarn Count:


We can produce from 120 to 600 Threads Count of fabric. We have certain fabrics in stock and can manufacture any threads and count of the fabric as our valued clients need. The count Yarn used is from 10 to 100 as per the demand of customer. We use the high quality carded and combed yarn in most of our fabrics to manufacture an amazing fabric with rick looks and feel.

Fabric Colors, Prints & self designs:

We can provide you fabric in any color of your choice in dyed fabric. There are numerous design options in our printed fabric or we can also print any designs of your requirements. Also we can make Jacquard self deings as you like.

Fabric Blend:

We normally produce the 100% cotton. Also we use different blends of polyester and cotton from 5% Polyester to the 65% polyester as our valued customers demand. Also a few fabrics use the pure cotton on one end and polyester or denier yarn on the other to make a poly cotton fabric. 


If you have any query regarding any type of fabric please let us know your demand in detail a quotation will be available before your expectations and delivery exactly on the date promised.