Fibre Processing Unit

The Most Lofty & Comfortable Ball Fibre

About a decade ago, people were not aware of comfort of Siliconized ball fibre where their used to fill cotton or Pet Polyester for pillow & cushion cases. We are not only selling our own brand of pillows & cushions but also providing some these items to the big names of Home Textile Brands and Mega Retail Stores in Pakistan. All of our customer have always shown a great level of satisfaction on our products because of our high quality in moderate prices.

Fibre Processing

The main work of our fibre pressing unit is to open the Polyester Staple Fibre Material. We use the best quality of raw material for the processing imported from Korea and China. The Specification of Fibre processing in our unit is 7D 64mm, Hollow Conjugated Siliconized (HCS), Polyester Staple Fibre. We use the virgin quality of HCS to make the world’s best quality ball fibre.

The Fibre is processed and opened in the shape of balls and filled in the cushions and pillows shells. These highly bouncy balls make the cushions and pillows extremely comfortable for the end users. These Ball Fibre filled made-ups are well packed according to the batch order type or as per the Customer’s Demands.

For reducing the Freight cost of our high loft ball fibre products customers we provide and facilitate them with compressed pillows & cushions for which we use the latest and the most advanced compressing machinery for the purpose and they remained vacuumed for the very long-run period until opened from the packing.