Hollow Siliconized Fibre

Pakistan Fibres has the dealership of the world’s best quality of Virgin HCS brands made in Korea Huvis and Eslon. As we but the HCS in number of metric tons on regular basis so, no one can provide the prices we offer. These Hollow Conjugated Siliconized materials are in Polyester Staple Fibre form.

We also provide the ball fibre of made in the most advanced machines which makes the balls fibre of the excellent loft, jump and comfort. We also deal in HCS made in China of the brands of Dafa and Jofo which are the recycled HCS PSF. Prices of these China HCS are pretty lower with the little difference in the quality.

The specifications of our provided HCS are 6-7 Denier 64 mm. The usage of these HCS are filling of pillows, sofa cushions, Euro Pillows, floor cushions, toys and many other items. Also these are used in making the virgin or high quality Wadding Sheets.

Pakistan Fibres also provide the 2-4 Denier HCS which is used in making polyester felt sheets for comforters and duvets.