Hotel Textiles

Unique, Luxury & Comfy Hotel Textile Products

Highly growing population and high scope of businesses around the world are one of the biggest reasons of increase in travelling which is increasing the luxury chains hotels round the globe. Standards of living of travelers are also increasing rapidly fast. People demands and hotels try to provide higher luxury and comfort than the expectations of visors. To meet these growing demands of luxury and comforts of travelers in hotel we provide the Hotel Textiles products round the planet.

Hospitality Textiles:

Keeping in mind the demand of modern age hotel customers and hospitality Textiles, Pakistan Fibres are proving such a comfortable textile items to the hotel which fulfill the relaxation demand of every hotel visitor. We already are manufacturing a high quality of textile items to number of hotels all around the country and they always have shown a great level satisfaction on our products.

Hotel Bed Linen

Our basic hotel textile items are:

Bed Sheet/Flat Sheet

Different hotels has different demands of flat sheet including the plain percale, plains satin and stripe fabric from 0.5 to 5 cms. The fabric used is from TC 180 to TC 500 where mostly it is white. The flat sheet or the bed sheet comes with a couple of pillow case of the same fabric which is called the bed sheet set. We provide all the customized things to the hotel from the small to the large quantity in the best of the qualities of finishing, stitching and durability.  

Fitted Sheets

Just like the hotel bed sheets provide the customized hotel fitted sheets mostly in plain white color from TC 144 to 200. These fitted sheets has the 7 to 20 inches of the box of side border to stick with the mattress. 

Mattress Protector

This is an advance version of the fitted sheet in which we provide different qualities like quilted mattress protector and the terry hotel mattress protector. please refer to our main page of mattress protector for detail. 

Mattress Topper

We also provide the mattress toppers which gives an extreme luxury and comfort to the ordinary or normal quality of the hotel mattress. These hotel mattress toppers are the tick and extremely soft layer of microfibers quilted and elastic strapped on four sides to stick with mattress. 

Pillows (Ball Fibre and Feathers filling)

We use the virgin HCS ball fibre in the pillows shuffling which makes the pillow comfortable, durable, bouncy, fluffy and soft. Also we provide the duck feather fillings with the customized mixing of duck downs making it the world’s most luxury pillow. 


We provide hundreds of different designs in the cushions with the number of different types of stuffing. Please click for further detail. 


Hotel duvet made by Pakistan Fibres are warm, light, classy, soft and durable. These mostly made of the virgin polyester wadding sheet (300-400 GSM mostly) quilted in the customized designs with the fabric from TC 144 to 200 mostly. Click for more details. 

Bed Spread

A few hotels likes to use bedspread instead of the bed sheet. This is a thin quilted sheet mostly white for hotels having different multi-needle designs to cover the hotel mattress with the luxuries designs. Please contact for your customized bed spread today.

Duvet Cover

Just like duvet cover different hotels demand in it in plain white percale, plain satin, stripe fabric (0.5 to 5 cm). These are stitched in the best techniques with the duvet top closing as the hotel requires. 

Bed throw

We provide numerous different types and designs of bed throws to the different hotels across the world. COntact us today for your design. 


Curtain is a whole field of textiles, we provide curtain lining fabric and the curtains made in Pakistan, China and Turkey. Please let us know what type of curtain do you require. 


There are hundreds of different types of qualities but we only provide the best 100% cotton yarn, mostly in combed yarn of different. We provide all sizes, GSM, yarn counts and colors in towels as the customer require. Also bathrobes, bath matts, kitchen towel are avaible with us. For further detail please click here.  

Kitchen Apparels

Kitchen Apparels made in Polyester fabric, cotton percale fabric and the flannel fabric are available with us in the different designs, colors and GSM.

Staff Uniform

For foreign hotels we only offer the staff uniform fabric in Suiting Fabrics in all the customized colors the hotel demands. For the local hotels in Pakistan we can provide the stitched uniform garments. 

Bed Skirting

The skirting fabric is mostly used same as the duvet cover or the bed sheet. This is mostly stiched 16 inches to cover the sides of the hotel bed. 

Hotel Table Cloths

We provide the flowing items in Hotel table cloths in different designs, qualities, GSM and colors as our hotel customers require. 

  • Table Covers
  • Table Runner
  • Table Skirting
  • Napkins
  • Chair Covers
  • Apron
  • Napron

Pakistan Fibers manufacture textile items for hotels in the most unique and innovative styles considering their demands of comfort and luxury. Hotels may also contact us to manufacture any textile related product as per their own demand. It is our esteem pleasure to provide them the best quality in highly moderate prices.