Leather Products

Finest Quality of Leather Products

Manufacturing setup of Pakistan Fibres Leather is located in Sialkot city of Pakistan and our manufacturing for the leather made finished products is done in the Lahore and Faisalabad. The leather in Pakistan is the leading revenue generating sources of the country where Pakistan is the largest manufacturer of the Leather Made Products. More then 3 million people are engaged directly or indirectly with the business of leather here in Pakistan. In this modern era, styles and fashions are changed everyday and the usage of latest leather products is always considered a status of luxury and style. To fulfill the World market demand, Leather Companies in Pakistan are working really hard.

In the 21st Century Pakistani leather have become highly famous and demandable especially in US, Canada, Western Europe and Middle East. Pakistan Fibres is producing the highest level of Quality and offer the Highly Competitive Prices. We produce the finished sheets of leather with an unmatchable quality. As being manufacturer of leather products we are getting the whole raw leather from Pakistan in cheaper rates that is because we are highly cost effective for manufacturing the leather products comparing the other manufacturers from the rest world of the world.

Pakistan Fibres is always up-to-date about the requirements of modern world leather demand and have always introduced the highly innovative leather products in competitive prices. We manufacture according to the customer demand this is the reason why our products are flourishing rapidly round the globe. Our main market is Western Europe and Middle East. All the leather products are made by Pakistan Fibres are available in different colors, designs, shapes, textures and gages as per our customers demand. The main leather product categories made by Pakistan Fibres are as follows:

Leather Sheets:
Leather sheets are mostly made of Buffalo Leather with the highest quality finishing in different gages, colors, designs and textures as per the customer’s requirements.

Leather Carrying Products:
Leather Laptop Bags, leather wallets, Travel Bags, Ladies Leather Bag, Hand Carry Bags…

Leather Furniture:
Leather Furniture is made of the above mentioned sheets with unique and innovative designs or manufactured as per the customer demands. The Leather furniture Products contains Office Leather Chairs, Office Leather Sofas, and Home Leather Furniture.

Leather Garments:
Leather Garments manufactured in Pakistan Fibres are mostly made of sheep & Goat Leather includes the Ladies & Gents jackets, leather belts, Ladies Skirts & Shorts, Ladies & Gents Leather Trousers & Coats, etc.