Finished Leather Sheets

Our Leather Your Product

There are number of types of leather sheets depending upon their usages. The leather sheet is the primary finished product which we can cut, stitch and joint to make the required leather products. Primarily Pakistan Fibres use 4 different species of animals skins to make the leather sheets including sheep, goat, buffalo and cow.

Furniture Leather Sheets:
The leather of furniture we deal in is of buffalo and cow. The world class technicians of leather products in Pakistan Fibres can make any design you require for the furniture leather. Our highest quality of furniture leather is used all around the world.

Garments Leather Sheets:
Mostly the sheep and goat leather is used for the leather garments. We can manufacture any design and color for the leather garments sheets you require. The leather made by Pakistan Fibres has a top quality finishing which remains in high quality for years.

Leather Sheets for Bag:
We also produce a great quality of Leather Sheets which is used for making the travel bags, laptop bags, luggage bags, purses and wallets. The finishes of these leather sheets includes the Matt finish, Shiny Finish, Two Tones Finish, crazy house finish and glaze finish. All the finishes can be made in any colour our customer require.