Home Decor Cushions

Pakistan Fibres has always created great innovations in the Designs and fillings of cushions.cushions
We make the cushions which provide the comfort of a great class. Our made cushions are classically decorative & filled with wool, duck feathers, Virgin HCS ball fibre, or synthetic foam.
We make cushions specifically as per thier usage on chairs, floor and beds to reduce the hardness of surface and providing the high level of comfort.
Our made cushions are normally square in size like 18” by 18”and 28” by 28”. Floor cushions are also used which is larger in sizes and used for sitting on the floor. Cushions are also used for decorative purpose. Pakistan Fibres also made fancy outer covers for cushions to add a great level of attraction in your rooms.

These covers are made with superior quality fabric. Outer covers made by Pakistan Fibres has a high usage life and durability. Deck Pillows and Euro Pillows are well designed items of our cushion variety. Different styles of covers are available at Pakistan Fibres and we also made covers on the demand of our customers.
Leather and waterproof cushion covers are also made by Pakistan Fibres. We also make some
pain relief cushions like back pain relief cushions and neck relief pain cushions. These are
highly effective for the special purposes of pains which are designed after a lot of research and consultation from the experienced medical experts.

Types of Cushions

The Main Types of Cushions we make are as under:

Sofa Cushions

Bed Cushions

Floor Cushions

Euro Pillows

Deck Pillows

Neck Rolls

Heart Shape Cushions

Back Pain Cushion

Neck Pain Cushion

Cushions Filling

All the above types of cushions are filled with fillings of customer requirements as follows:

Duck Feathers

Goose Feathers

Virgin HCS Ball Fibre

Polyester Filling

Cotton Filling