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Pakistan Fibres produce a lot of variety in duvets. Duvet also sometimes referred as a comforter and quilt. Our made duvets are warm, soft, comfortable, light weight and are a complete package of luxury in a very affordable price. We not only make the simple looking (white & dyed) duvet for the hotels but make numberless printed designs of home duvets and then duvets for healthcare properties with the medicated characteristics. 


There are numberless factors involved in the quality, variety and types of duvet products. Following are few of the specifications which makes the products different;


Duvet Fabric:

The first and foremost important thing for the outer look of the duvet is its fabric. As per the customer’s liking we manufacture duvets from 144 to 400 threads of fabric. For the hotel usage mostly the fabric used is white or cream color. For home usage we produced the duvets in different colors, designs and prints in of fabric. Hospital duvets are sometimes required to be teflon treated which keep the fabric protected against soil, stains and spills. Mostly the duvet fabric used is Poly cotton with the rich cotton ratio or as the customers require.

Duvet Filling:

What’s Inside??? The most important thing for duvet apart form its look is filling/stuffing of duvet. Fabric is just like the packing or skin of the duvet but filing is something which decides the weight, thickness, warmness, comfort and inside material of the duvet. Following are some types of filling we normally provide:

Wadding Sheet:

This a 100% polyester sheet which makes the duvet look lofty. We make different lofts, GSM and softness in the wadding sheet. Mostly our duvets are made of the virgin or semi virgin polyester wadding which is lofty, soft, comfortable, warm and light weight. The filling of high quality Polyester wadding sheets of our duvets is between 250-700 GSM or up to 1200 GSM if required.

Felt Sheet:

Felt sheet is pretty much of the same material of the wadding sheet but this is made in needle punching machine which make it a very thin and compact polyester sheet. Our felt duvets are made of the semi virgin to virgin polyester. This makes the duvet look a very smart which has the looks of duvet and thickness of a blanket.

Polyester Fibre:

This type of filling is done mostly with the home duvets. The virgin polyester or pet fibre whichever is required by the customer is carded and filled in the duvet. This is not a firm material like wadding but it is more fluffy and is mostly used where a heave weight duvet or quilt is required. 

Cotton Filling:

The raw cotton is filling in the quilts by carding the raw cotton and quilting the duvet. We can also provide the cotton wadding and cotton felt duvet filling with the 20% of the low melt polyester mixing.

Duck Down and Feather duvet:

This is the most expensive, luxury and warm duvet. These are mostly used in the 5 star hotels or luxury homes. The duvet are made with 10 to 100% duck down material mixed with the duck feathers. They sometimes use the teflon treated cotton fabric with 230 or plus tread count.


Quilting is the process of machine stitching of the fabric shell filled material to keep  the filling sicked and filled for the lifetime. We use the high strength cotton thread in the quilting process. The quilting designs we provide are made from the computerized delta machines. These include the square designs, diamond designs and hundreds of other different designs. Also sometimes we use the multi needle quilting for some very special types of home duvet or comforters. 


The stitching of the fabric is done by the jockey machines with the 10-12 stitches per inch. The stiching is done by keep in consideration of the side lofts and total weight adjustment of the duvet/quilt/comforter. We also provide the piping and other designs of borders in the sides stitching. 


Our prices are calculated based on the customized section of the customer on the above characteristics of the duvet. Prices of our duvets are highly competitive in the local as well as the international markets. We strictly follow the customer quality characteristics. The numerous characteristics or specification of the duvet occasionally confuse the customer on which our team of experts helps the clients to select the best quality within their specific requirements and budget. We can produce 10,000 duvet a moth in routine and higher if the time is short with our customers.

Please feel free for any query regarding duvet characteristics, quality, quantity or price. We are always ready to work in the best interests of our customers.