Fitted Sheets & Matress Protectors

A Fit Bed Need Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheet

A decade ago fitted sheet was used to protect the mattress of Bed. There are still few places and companies doing the same practice. Now the major role of the fitted sheet is to be a fabric on the mattress like a flat sheet. Additionally it grips the mattress and makes the things easy for the user as he doesn’t have to adjust it time and again. Now the fitted sheets are more used in the dyed and printed fabrics to not only play the part of bed sheet but also give an elegant look to the bed room. 


Pakistan Fibres manufactures high quality Fitted sheets for hotels, hospitals and for domestic usages. Mostly Hotesls require the plain white fitted sheets up to TC 200. Home used fitted sheets are mostly in the dyed and printed fabrics. Fitted sheets and flat sheets are almost same the difference is that in the corners of fitted sheets elastic is used which enables the sheet to stay on the matters.

Fabric and Material: 

The materials which we used to made fitted sheets include cotton, cotton satin, silk, rayon and blends of cotton with polyester. We also made non-woven fitted sheets. Non-woven sheets are disposable sheets and mostly used in hospitals or hotels. These sheets are low in price as compared to woven sheets. We can provide these sheets from TC 140 to 250 or higher if the customer requires. All European and American size fitted sheets are available at Pakistan Fibres. Size alteration is also possible according to customer requirements. Our special variety of fitted sheets includes the waterproof material. Also if the customer requires we can manufacture the leather made fitted sheet to give the bed a leather look and a giant decorative ornament of the room. We use the high quality elastic, 10-12 numbers of stitches and rich quality of fabric.


The flat sheets we make are available in white, dyed and printed variety. The prices we give and quality we provide are unmatchable in the entire world. The Fitted sheets fits just exactly according to the size of your bed and mattresses. We mostly manufacture fitted sheets in TC 180 Fabric in Poly Cotton. It’s a highly durable but graceful available in number of different colors. Also we provide the fitted sheets in range of different printed designs as well as the customized designs for our customers. These fitted sheets are available in the cheapest of the prices with the delivery time of as low as 15 days only for up to 10,000 fitted sheets.


Our prices for the fitted sheets are the cheapest in the world especially the fitted sheet made in TC 180 in numerous colors and disposable or few times usable non-woven fabric. Contact us today for your highly customized fitted sheet and get the cheapest price for the rick quality of fabric and making. For the delivery in the GCC countries you can also contact our Bahriani branch Company Al Qamash Trading Co. W.L.L.

Also we manufacture the Mattress Protectors mostly water proof. Our Mattress Protector protects the bed’s top as it is meant to be.