Flat Sheets

A beauty of bed

Flat Sheet or the Bed Sheet are the alternatively used terms for the main sheet on the bed. Pakistan Fibres provides finest quality bed linen items to their customers.


We makes the high quality flat sheets for hotels, Inns, domestic usage, healthcare units, and all the other places where there is a space for the bed.  The materials which we used to made flat sheets include cotton, cotton satin, silk, rayon and blends of cotton with polyester. We also made non-woven flat sheets. Non-woven sheets are disposable sheets and mostly used in hospitals or hotels. These sheets are low in price as compared to woven sheets.

Bed Sheet


The quality of the bed sheets is normally checked by the thread count of the fabric used. The number of threads used in per square inch for making the fabric is known as thread count. Generally, the more the number of threads used in per square inch there is more softness in the sheet. Thread type also affects the softness of the sheets. Quality of yarn also plays an important role in the feel and look of the sheets, as finer quality yarns create a finer flat sheet fabric.

For the best quality of bed sheets we use the carded and combed yarns. These yarns are then weaved in the air jet or water jet looms. We use the best quality chemicals for the finishing of the bed sheet fabric. On the specified demand of our customers we can add the qualities of anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, waterproof and other things. We also can also provide the jacquard designs in the flat sheet, either the color designs or the jacquard designs in the white sheets which are becoming popular in the luxury hotel rooms. Also we make the bed sheets in white, stripe, all colors in dyed, in numerous prints and numberless designs. Our dying and printing quality is guaranteed to last longer where we use the best of the word reactive and higher quality colors to give the luxury looks and feels and make the fabric durable. 


Mainly the bed sheets we make include the 2 pillow cases or as the customer requires. We also use 10-12 stitches per inch while stitching these sheets or else wise as the customer require. The sizes of bed sheets are always made just exactly according to the customer requirements are generally available in queen, king, and single. These sizes also vary as the European, American, Asian and others. Pakistan Fibres is always making new, innovative, classic designs of varieties flat sheets. We can provide and present a lot of designs in patch work, smoke work, some specified or exceptional embroidery works, and number of different designs on the request of our clients.


Our prices of the flat sheets are the highly competitive in the international markets. Prices of the flat sheets or flat sheet set or bed sheet set depends on the quality, design and size of the customers make. Please contact us today to get the best prices in the very reasonable and moderate prices. Also we can provide some flat sheets in great colors and excellent white bleached fabric in TC 180 to 200 in some highly cheap prices.