Sweet Dreams

Pakistan Fibres manufactures the pillows which not only support the head position but also to the entire body. Our made pillows provide high level of comfort while sleeping and provide relief to the body either sitting or sleeping. Filling materials which we use in pillows are usually downs, feather, ball fibre, synthetic foam or raw cotton. Pillows for beds normally covered with fabric pillow case. The types of pillow inner we make are different standard sizes of Pillows, Euro Pillows, Neck Rolls, Bolster Pillows and Bed/Sofa/Floor Cushion.


Pakistan Fibres manufactures all type of pillows and cushions and their shells.

Ball Fibre Pillow:

We use high quality materials for filling the pillows like 100% Virgin HCS Ball Fibre. We also make the compressed or vacuumed pillows. All these pillows have a high loft, great bounce and a year long warranty of being in healthy shape.

Feather Pillow:

Freshly processed feathers which are odor free, free from germs, has high ratios of down and are in white color. These feather pillow provide you the world’s best level of comfort and warmness in the winter season. The increased percentage of down in the feather pillows adds the more and more luxury to the pillow.

Cotton & Foam Pillows:

If Cotton and synthetic foam in pillows are required to be used by the customer then the quality used is highest for the cotton and synthetic foam.

Pillowcases are also made with the supreme quality of fabric. Pakistan Fibres makes both type of inners i.e. woven and non-woven fabric. We also made quilted pillow shell (pillow protectors) with the filing of the customer’s choice. Quilted pillow (pillow protectors) has a huge demand in the global markets. We also make highly innovative designs in the pillow shells.

All sizes pillows are available at Pakistan Fibres. Some common sizes are given below;
¬ Square or Euro Pillow: 26 in × 26 in (66 cm × 66 cm)
¬ Standard: 20 in × 26 in (51 cm × 66 cm)
¬ Queen: 20 in × 30 in (51 cm × 76 cm)
¬ King: 20 in × 36 in (51 cm × 91 cm)

we also make neck rolls, pillow ousters and many newer shapes and designs of pillows.