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The general definition of the towel products is things made of the terry sheet. Pakistan Fibres manufactures variety of different towels. Our towels are used in the hospitality industry around the world and also in the home & healthcare markets round the globe. We use high quality towel yarn to make rich quality towel which gives an excellent feel, softness and absorption. 

Towel by Yarn Quality

Following are the major qualities of Towels by Yarn quality we offer to our customers across the world. 

TowelsCombed Yarn Towel:

The yarn of comb is made by combining the cotton material to only keep the longer fibres of cotton in the yarn. This is the richest quality of towel with 500 to 1200 twists, combed yarn, 100% cotton of finest quality. These are available from 250-1200 GSM in different sizes as our customers require.

Ring Yarn Towel:

The ring yarn towels are the most commonly used towels in the world. We make these fine quality towels from 300-1200 GSM in the different sizes, colors and designs.

Open End Yarn Towel:

These towels are made of open end yarn which is the cheapest in prices. These towels are a bit rougher in comparison with the other qualities of towels. These are mostly used in the rough household works, labor works, cleaning and the places where the disposable towels are required. 

Acrylic Yarn Towel:

The acrylic material of yarn is used in these towels. This type of towels has a highly fancy and silky look but comparing others these towels has the lesser absorption capacity. On the other hand this towel has the best feel of touch and looks like a royal towel.

Towel by Yarn Thickness

We use different types of yarn thinness (or count of yarn) to manufacture towels. It is to be said that thinner is the yarn better is the towel quality but still different companies and countries has their own definition of towel qualities.

20/d Yarn Towel

20/d is the yarn with the count of 20 twisted double. This is the towel with the best absorbing ability but due to the twist it takes some time to dry. Towel with this yarn count are described as the most luxury towels are produced generally from 600 to 700 GSM.

16/s Yarn Towel

16/s yarn is the most commonly used yarn count for the towels this is good in absorbing and drys quickly. We normally suggest our customers to buy 16/1 yarn towel with the pile of Combed Yarn. It is the best quality towel in our eyes.

12/s and 10/s Yarn Towel

In the similar way yarn of 12/s and 10/s are the cheaper yarns. These yarn counts make the towel look thick, towel dry quickly and give a good look if a better quality yarn is used. These yarns are generally used when a heavy GSM towel is required like from 700 to 850 GSM.

Towel by Size:

Every size difference changes the name of the towel following are some of the general names of towels by size:

Hand Towel:

The smallest towel by name is the hand towel. It is mostly used to dry hands in the washroom. With some variability it has the size of 30 x 30 cms this is normally from 250 to 600 GSM as the customers require.

Face Towel:

A towel near the size of 40 x 70 cms is called the face towel. This is used only to dry the face. This towel GSM generally varies from 400 to 650 GSM.

Bath Towel:

The towel which is sold and used the most is the bath towel. It has many different sizes varies around 70 x 140 cms. This is mostly produced from the 550 to 750 GSM. It is kept in hotel rooms and used after taking a bath.

Bath Sheet:

Bath sheet is the large towel kept in the master bedrooms and large bathrooms having size around 100 x 150 cms having GSM from 550 to 700.

Pool Towel:

These are generally stripe design or plain white towels used for near pool and beach as sheet for resting or sun bath. It has size near 120 x 200 cms with the GSM from 450-700.  

Bath Matt:

This is a towel with a different weave which is firm and heavy in its sheet. It is used as a matt to dry feet in dressing room after coming from shower. We manufacture this towel in 20/d yarn from 700 t0 1100 GSM.


Bathrobe is a dress wore to dry up after shower. We can provide bathrobes in any size, yarn quality, Yarn thickness, color, styles and GSM in bathrobes. We also provide towel slippers along with bathrobe on the client’s demand.

Fancy Towels

Fancy Towels:

Pakistan Fibres also produce numerous designs in Fancy towels in; different shapes, variety of beautiful embroidery works, printed designs, and different classical combinations of characteristics. We only use the best reactive colors to keep the towel look same for long term usage.

Company or Brand Logo

On the specified demand of our hotel customers and different brands round the world; we work on towel embroidery, printed logos and name/logo engraving designs.



Price of a towel is decided after selecting the characteristics of towels mentioned above. Our prices in any certain specifications are the most competitive in the international markets. Also we use the best cotton yarn of Pakistan which gives us edge over the competition in quality as well as price. Our MOQ per specification is as low as 400 Kgs. Our production time for the same is 30 days where we have the capacity of one million kg per month.  Also we can provide the towels from stock if our customer requires in the smaller quantity.

Please feel free to discuss the quality characteristics and prices of towels. We are always ready to work in the best interest of our customer and give them the best suggestion as per their linking, choice and budget.