Polyester Cotton most used yarn in the world. This is a mixed fibre of 2 qualities cotton and yarn fibres. Different ratios of these qualities and made like polyester: cotton 10:90, 20:80, 35:65, 50:50 and 65:35.

Dyed PC Yarn:

We use the finest quality of cotton fibres made in Pakistan. Also a rich quality of Polyester is used while spinning of the yarn. The dyed yarn is also available in the any color our customer require. Pakistan Fibres deal in all thickness of yarns from 120 to 12 count of thickness.

Recycled PC Yarn:
Also we deal in recycled PC yarn which is made of the recycled cotton and finer quality Polyester of 1.8 Denier. This is rough yarn which is mostly used for the items which require the rough and thick yarn.