The yarn and fabric produced by Pakistan Fibres containing viscose has some shining which but its feel is similar to cotton. So a Polyester Viscose yarn and fabric has some classy shine and has a lot of comfort comparing the pure polyester fabric or high content polyester fabric. The viscose material provides luxury to the fabric and makes the fabric much stronger.

We deal in Synthetic blended suiting in viscose yarns and fabricd for suiting & shirting as dollows:
Weaves: Twills , Satins, Cords, etc.
Finishes: Peach Finish, Wrinkle Free
Design : Checks, Strips, Plain, Dobby

Our poly viscose yarn made fabric us used in the following end textile products:

Suiting fabric for
Casual Wears
We can fulfill any of your requirements polyester viscose yarn or fabric you want.