Production Setup

Textile Made-Ups Products Manufacturing

Pakistan Fibres is extremely self-sufficient to make any sort of made-ups variety and greatly innovative to meet the rapidly changing trends in the Textile Made-Ups Sector round the globe. We have all sorts of manufacturing plants, machinery and equipments to meet any demand in made-ups of our customers in the whole world. Our Made-Ups production setup mainly revolves around the following four important manufacturing operations:

Wadding Plant

We manufacture the finest quality of wadding sheets. Provide us your specs to fill the wadding in made-ups or get vacuumed wadding sheet rolls. These sheets are the blend of the pet fibre, Low melt fibre, hollow fibre and siliconized fibre. The ratio of these different materials creates the different qualities of wadding sheets.

Stitching Hub

Our well-equipped machines and highly Professional and experienced stitching team is ready to make any shape of textile made-ups items including the simple to highly innovative designs of home textiles, hotel, restaurants  & banquets textiles as well as textile products used in hospitals.

Fibre Processing Unit

We process the best quality of Korean, Chinese or American made HCS Polyester Staple Fibre to make the highly bouncy balls Fibre for your made-ups. Our high quality fibre processing machines make the world class filling fibre, ball fibre of small to medium size balls of HCS Fibre.

Quilting Unit

The computerized Delta quilting machines using cotton thread ready to make numberless designs of your choice on beddings, quilts comforters and other made-ups. Also the multi-needle quilting machines creates the wonders for the bedding items.