Wool, Wool & Wool

Raw Wool

Pakistan Fibres collects and process the best quality of wool form the sheep across the country. This wool is used in the best of the Home and Fashion textiles all around the world. Our wool has very low level of crimps. Our produced wool has the capacity to absorb almost one-third of its own weight in water. Wool of Pakistan Fibres has creamy white color fibres which can later on be dyed in any of the color required. These fibres have the better and longer fibres comparing the other part of the world. The advantage of using the wool over the other fibres like cotton and polyester is that hardly catch the fire, has lower rate of flame spread, heat release, heat of combustion, and has no chance of melting or dripping.

Wool Processing

We can provide all the general types of wool including fleece broken, bellies, and locks. The wool fibres are classified, by our qualified and experienced wool classer. The wool is processed and washed in the warm water by using the sophisticated detergent, chemicals and specialized industrial equipment of wool processing. After processing, our wool is used into yarn and knitted water-resistant mittens or sweaters, scarfs and home textiles products. Our wool has the longer fiber diameter, lesser crimp, higher yield, natural color, and has great staple strength and a good fiber diameter.

Our dyed wool is produced in the dyeing with absolutely appropriate chemicals, relevant and high quality colors with the textures and coatings as required by our customers. Also we can provide the woolen yarn.

Wool Uses

In the home textile products of wool our produced wool is used in the blankets, horse rugs, saddle cloths, carpeting, insulation and upholstery.

Wool Wadding & Wool Felt

We also provide the wadding and felt sheets of wool which is the best natural wadding and felt sheets. These are make durable, warm, natural and medicated comforters of wool.

We also produce wool treated with lanolin which is water resistant, is air permeable, antibacterial, and odor free treated. Some of our customers also make diapers in wool wadding sheets. Our woolen wadding sheets are preventing heat and sweat more than any other type of wadding. A few customers also use our wool in baby wrap blankets and sleeping bags.

Wool Prices

Prices of our Wool are highly competitive comparing the international markets. Currently our raw wool prices for the finer quality of Wool processed for antibacterial, dust and stains is just $ 1.6/kg FOB Karachi. For further information about our quality, colors, prices please contact us today.