One of the most charming shining beauty of the world is silk fabric. We deal in silk fabric of different types with the collection of various varieties from around the globe. Mainly we sale the white silk with an extremely smooth and silky fabric which shines like a star in the sky. Also we deal in silk fabric in numerous colors having classic finish and touch of silk. We always make sure that silk fabric is worthwhile to value the life of silkworm producing natural silk fibre.

Also we provide different extremely designs of silk fabric of which catalogue is available on the customer’s demand. Our collection included the variety of China, India, Thailand, Maldives and Eastern Europe made silk fabric. This silk variety is used for the ladies suiting, curtain cloth, sofa covers, cushions, bedsheets and various other things.

The silk fabric is also made with the combination of other yarns and fibres like Polyester and Satin. These fabrics are cheaper than the pure silk with a little lower quality and used in number of made ups items in shapes of patches and wrinkles designs.