Great Quality Huge Variety

Pakistan Fibres manufactures variety of T-Shirts from round neck to collar designs. We mostly use the fabrics of Jersey, Fleece, Summer & PK. We entertain our worldwide customers’ demand for any size, fabric, GSM, color, design, printing and stitching they want. Also we guide our customers for the details of the T-Shirts suiting their demands. We manufacture the ladies & gents regular wears, sports wears, thermal t-shirts and any other type of t-shirts required by our customers round the world.

T-Shirts Specifications

T-Shirt Details

T- Shirt Size

Following are the general sizes of t-shirts we manufacture:

Men’s T-Shirt Sizes
Size Chart XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Chest 30-31 32-33 36-37 38-39 40-41 44-45 46-47
Waist 33 37 35 42 42 47 50
Front Length 24 24.5 25.5 27 27.5 29 30



Women’s T-Shirt Sizes
Size Chart S M L XL
Chest 30-32 32-34 36-38 40-42
Waist 25-26 27-28 30-31 33-34


T- Shirt Fabric

Mostly we use the 100% Cotton in T-shirts fabric made in hosiery. The first and foremost characteristic of the fabric is its weight in GSM. The count and treads are settled according to the GSM required by the customer. Higher the threads and lower the counts used while manufacturing increase the quality of the fabric and eventually the price. The Yarn used is ring spun yarn and if the customer requires the combed spun yarn is used to enhance the luxury in the t-shirt fabric. The most common types of fabric names for the t-shirts are summer, PK and fleece.

T- Shirt GSM

We mostly manufacture the t-shirts from 120 GSM to 220 GSM. Higher s the GSM thicker and warmer is the fabric of the t-shirt.

T- Shirt Color

Colors are the demand of customers. We can manufacture any color of your choice and a single t-shirts can contain the multiple colors are the customer’s demand. Also we can provide the spray colors, shadings in single colors or anything our worldwide customer demand.

 T- Shirt Design

Designing includes the patch work in different colors in the same t-shirts, then comes the designing of round necks, front button, v-neck design, designs of collars in t-shirts and anything additional required by our global customers.

T- Shirt Printing

Printing includes the front side printing of different designs, logos, pictures, writings and other stuff. We can provide anything in printing form the smaller prints of logo to the larger pictures and sculptures. The sticker printing, screen printing, logo embroidery and table printings are few of the famous printing styles we use.

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