Wadding Plant

Manufacturing the Top-Noch Quality Wadding Sheets


One of the biggest reasons of Top-Notch Quality of Made-Ups of Pakistan Fibres is that we have our own wadding plant. Our wadding plant has the latest and most modern machinery & equipments to make any sort of the wadding sheets with an absolute perfection. We make the both solid & silky wadding sheets just according to the customer demands. The wadding sheets made in our plant has a high loft and an extra durability. All these things make our wadding sheets the most confortable and increase the beauty of the finished products using these sheets.

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Pakistan Fibres has the ability to make these sheets from 40” to 120” wide wadding sheets. The GSM and surface of these wadding sheets has no variability in a certain and specific batch of required wadding sheets. We make any range between the 30 GSM 1200 according to the customer requirements or our own usage for the Top-Notch quality of made-ups. The material used to make these wadding sheets with the company and countries of origin are as follows:

• Sinicized Polyester Fibre imported from China Ningbo Dafa Company
• Low-Melt Fibre imported from Korea made by world’s top most quality providing companies Huvis or Eslon
• High Quality White Pet Fibre made in Pakistan

We not only are capturing the local market of Pakistan but also exporting the wadding sheets in both vacuumed and opened shapes round the globe. Our capacity of wadding plant is 200 Metric Tons a month. We can provide any quantity of wadding sheets to any origin of the world just within the 15 days of manufacturing period. The common usage of our wadding sheets are as follows:

• Quilts
• Comforters
• Beddings
• Diverts
• Mattresses
• Pillow & Cushion Cases
• Jackets
• Small to Large Papers
• Different types of Caps