Yarns & Fibres

Quality is What the Customer Deamnds


There are numberless types of yarns in the world basing on their characteristics of nature, twists, color, finish and measurements. The main and general qualities of Yarns Pakistan Fibres deals in are as follows:

  • Pure Cotton Yarn (CY)
  • Polyester Cotton (PC)
  • Polyester Viscose (PV)
  • Polyester Viscose Cotton (PVC)
  • Denier (D)
  • Polypropylene (PP)

Almost all the above types of yarns are available in different natures, twists, color, finish and measurements. We always entertained the quotation and delivery just according to the demand of our customers.



Just like yarns Fibres also has got limitless types. Pakistan Fibres Deals in the follow types of Yarns:

  • Hollow Conjugated Siliconized Polyester Staple Fibre
  • Hollow Conjugated Non-Siliconized Polyester Staple Fibre
  • Semi Dull Raw White for Spinning
  • Low Melt Fibre
  • Pet Fibre

All the above mentioned Fibres are available in different lengths, measurement, quality and colors where customer query are entertained exactly according to their demands.