Printed Fabric

Printing As You Require

We provide all types of printing to our customers. Fabric Printing is a very technical and responsible work. Pakistan Fibres takes the highest level of responsibility to make the printing just according to the customer requirements. The printed fabric made in Pakistan Fibres involves the following steps;

The Fabric is first prepared by washing and bleaching, base color dying and rushing the fabric.
pre-treatment of fabric, preparation of colors, preparation of printing paste, drying of fabric,fixing the printing with steam or hot air (for pigments) and after process treatments.

Our printing technicians make colours as per our customers’ textile printing demands and has a great chemical knowledge and huge technical experience. They stir ingredients in proper proportion and specially chose and compound for the required style of printing work. Our printing colours always comply to the conditions lime shade, quality and brightness. ; where more colours are associated in the same design each must be capable of withstanding the various operations necessary for the development and fixation of the others.

We use different types of Fabric printing thickeners according to the printing requirements. These thickeners include; starch derivatives, flour, gum arabic, guar gum derivatives, tamarind, sodium alginate, sodium polyacrylate, gum Senegal and gum tragacanth, dextrine and albumen.

Our labor and technicians are well expert of Wood hand stamp printing. This simplest printing method require separate wooden block for each different colour in the design.
block cutter carves out the wood around the heavier masses first, leaving the finer and more delicate work until the last so as to avoid any risk of injuring it when the coarser parts
Block printing by hand is a slow process. It is, however, capable of yielding highly artistic results, some of which are unobtainable by any other method. William Morris used this technique in some of his fabrics.

Stencil printing also called table printing is another type of printing we use is for the lower quantity of fabric printing. We use good quality of stencils having cutting pattern designs according to the customer. Also we use the finer quality of brushes to print the stencil pattern on the fabric with a great care.

Screen printing
We use screen printing in both ways the rotary screen printing and flat screen printing. Our screen printing machines produces the best results with high quality printing.

Digital textile printing
Our best technology for the printing is the digital textile printing is also called direct-to-garment printing or DTG printing. We use the latest technology of digital printing which are highly competitive with the highest quality of printing round the globe.